16 May 2016

Social Media Management Solution for SME’s

All companies large and small know that if they want to reach their target audience, they need to engage on social media.

Larger companies may have a whole team devoted to social media and content creation, but what about the small to medium sized enterprises? SME’s might have one person, who may not even be fully dedicated to their social media, managing their social presence day to day.

SME’s today are spending a substantial amount of time curating and posting social content. According to recent research from Social Media Today, 90% of small businesses are on Facebook and nearly 70% are on twitter. Of those:

  • 43% of SME’s spend 6 hours per week on social media
  • 25% of SME’s spend 6-10 per week
  • 11% spend 11-20 hours
  • 7% spend 21+ hours

This is valuable time spent on social media that could be given back to the customer or spent increasing ROI for the business. Efficient social media management is imperative for SME’s to maximize their time, manage their brand and prevent rogue access across multiple pages on multiple platforms.

Sóshlr delivers an enterprise level solution at a smaller scale to support small and medium sized enterprises. Sóshlr is integrated into Odin APS 2 Package and purpose built for SME’s with intuitive, simple navigation making the solution clutter free and easy to use. SME’s can take control of their business’ social media presence, engage and monitor posts and comments inside Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and view community feeds on Instagram –from a central, single dashboard. SME’s can begin tackling their social media challenges and engaging with their online community now using Sóshlr. Simply. Sóshlr.