Secure Your Facebook Today to Eliminate Risk

Security is something we are always concerned about, whether we do something about it is the question.

Do you know what your current Facebook settings are?  Facebook has recently announced they will be notifying users from now on if there are suspicions you are being target by nation states and to take extra precautions.  It will show a pop-up message in your feed explaining their concern you may have been targeted.

This is an example of the pop-up:

Just like Google, Facebook cannot reveal how or why they believe you are being targeted for risk of giving away important information to attackers about the security methods.  The smart thing to do perhaps would be to put in place stricter security levels before you receive a message.  The reason hackers are looking to gain access to your account is to implant a malware device to gain passwords to all of your accounts.


Here is what you should do to enable Login Approvals:


  1. Click the down arrow at the top right of your Facebook page
  2. Go to Settings > Security
  3. Click on Login Approvals
  4. Check the box and click Save Changes


Taking the necessary steps to protect your information is very important.  Please follow these 4 easy steps to secure your accounts now!


Source: Facebook