1. Manage At Scale

  • Centrally manage 000’s of social media pages
  • User Single sign-on and one dashboard
  • Built in hierarchical structure
  • Built in workflow mechanisms
  • Manage and track user activity centrally
  • Share approved imagery and content with users

2. Publish At Scale

  • Schedule and publish content across 000’s of social media pages and multiple platforms in just one click.
  • Geo-targeting publishing capability
  • Assign and save related posts to campaigns
  • Update profile and cover images across pages simultaneously

3. Analyze At Scale

  • Centrally view all platform analytics
  • View a post, page, or aggregated view of all organization social media
  • Community management
  • Social listening

“Manalto was created to help enterprises better manage social media at scale. Our tool allows an organization to efficiently manage their online presence across multiple supported platforms and many pages, improve their brand consistency, minimize risk and elevate community engagement. With Manalto they can publish campaigns across thousands of pages and then analyze their results from one central dashboard.”

Explore our features to discover a smarter way to manage your social media.


Centrally manage brand, publishing and users across many pages and platforms from one single dashboard.

Manage Assets

Easily upload, customize and tag your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn personal and business pages. You can assign your assets to business units that align to your company’s structure.

User Permissions

Access to granular user permissions and security mechanisms using a secure login.

Broadcast Updates

Publish posts and execute campaigns to thousands of pages at once. Broadcast updates to profile and cover images across numerous social media assets and platforms simultaneously.

Media Libraries

Store and share approved brand images, content and video links.

Geo-targeting & Tagging

Target your audience geographically by time zone, and by unique tags. Ensure your content is distributed to the correct audience at the appropriate time and increase your local engagement.

Social Listening

Listen to, respond and manage your communities across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other integrated platforms. Hear what your audience is saying about your brand.

Analytics & Insights

View analytics and insights of aggregated activity in a single central interface. Manalto draws in the analytics offered by all platforms supported. Analyze your social media efforts page by page.