Save Time on Social Media

Does your business engage on social media? Do you have a number of pages or a number of staff posting to either a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile and Instagram account – or possibly all of these?


Businesses today post across multiple social media pages and platforms to build loyalty and to grow their customer base.  A business can expect to spend, on average, 32 hours per month managing just one social media page.

So, with more than one page or platform it can be time-consuming to regularly post and effectively monitor what your communities are saying when you are busy running a business.

What if you could manage all of your pages from a single dashboard, eliminating the need to individually post to each page?

Sóshlr now offers a new Social Media Manager tool to help you to save time, manage your brand, view analytics and achieve time-savings – by centrally connecting your social media pages and posting from a single dashboard.

Sóshlr enables you to access all of your pages on one dashboard with just a single login.  You can assign user permissions, post content in just one click, and centrally view all of your analytics from your pages in one location. Blacknight’s Social Media Manager will save you time in social media marketing.

With Sóshlr, you can centrally:

  • View all social media engagements
  • Publish offers and campaigns across all pages
  • Manage user permission settings
  • Host pre-approved images in the media library for sharing
  • Update cover images and profile pictures
  • Analyze campaign results

Growing your business is your ultimate goal and Sóshlr’s Social Media Manager can help get you there.