Create Better Customer Service Through Social

When a customer has either the best experience or a poor one, they look to social media to voice their opinions.  If they ask a question on twitter, over 60% of them want to hear a response from that company within an hour.  This expectation is truly reality, and as social media marketers, we need to be prepared.

Twitter is a great resource for brands to take advantage of because of the instantaneous nature.  This allows for you to gauge your customer’s opinion on your brand at a fast rate.

  1. Be responsive, and quickly!

Nothing like answering a consumer’s question, comment or concern quickly will say you care more.  As a business, or even a growing business, you want to ensure customer satisfaction.  Once the customer receives your response, they are way more likely to see your brand in a positive way.

  1. Be friendly and personal

If you are friendly to your audience through social media, they are more likely to recommend you to a friend and talk about you in a positive way.  Having a friendly voice goes a long way in the consumer’s eyes.  It also leads to resolving a problem way more frequently and at a faster rate. Personalizing your message will make your customer feel that much more special and know they are talking to a company who cares.

  1. Be accessible

When you have multiple social media accounts, a website and a customer service hotline you enable your customers to reach you by whatever means they most prefer.  If you want to take it a step further, you can create a hashtag to be able to track comments or concerns.  Nothing frustrates an already irate customer than not being able to reach a company easily!