Setting up a Business Page on Facebook

Many businesses are developing their social media presence to reach prospective customers and to engage with existing ones, and one free way to do this is to create a Facebook Business Page.

This brief article will walk you through the steps to set up a Facebook Business Page and potential next steps once the page has been created.

First, login to Facebook with an individual account. This account will have administrator privileges on the business page once setup, since you are using it to create the new page.

Once logged in, the creator will go to the top right corner and hover over the down arrow icon. Hovering over the down arrow will activate a drop-down menu from which you can select “Create Page.”

Clicking on “Create Page” will take you to another page where you will designate what kind of business page you want to create (e.g., “Local Business or Place,” “Company, Organization or Institution,” “Brand or Product,” etc.). Select your page type, and then using the drop down menu provided by Facebook, designate the appropriate industry category for the page and enter your company’s name in the text box provided. Once you have filled out those two pieces of information, you will click “Get Started.” By clicking “Get Started,” you agree to the terms and conditions of use for a business page.

At this point, you will begin entering the custom content that will help your customers find your business and know what goods or services the business provides. Upload a profile picture, a cover photo and add the business’s contact information. Select a handle (using the twitter style @username) so that you can be easily tagged by customers and employees promoting your business. It is common for a business to upload a logo as its profile picture, and then a landscape-oriented picture or graphic to further describe your organization for the cover photo. Depending on the purpose for which the image is being uploaded, the sizes of the pictures will vary. Be sure to save before you close the browser.
Now that your page is set up for the business, the administrator can add other administrators and editors to help manage and moderate the page. Additional steps are required to fill out information about hours, services, products, and to help manage interactions with the page such as customer comments and reviews.
Create Facebook ads to promote your business. There are four different ad placements and numerous reasons for ads, so each combination is optimized with various photo specifications. For an ad that will drive people to like the business page, the recommended image size is 1200 X 444 pixels. For an ad that will drive people to a business’s website or entice a customer to take advantage of a limited time offer, the recommended image size is 1200 X 628 pixels and so on. Every business should do their research and evaluate what makes the most sense, as far as promotion and advertising goes on Facebook.

After completely setting up your Facebook Business Page, be ready to engage with all of your followers. We challenge you to get to know your customers through your Facebook Business Page and continue to engage and connect online!