mirror the structure of your organization

Manalto enables you to effectively manage and align risk management, through inbuilt user controls and security measures.

Customise User Permissions

Manalto provides complete control of user permissions. You can assign permission tasks for a single user, establish Groups for easy assignment of permissions, or tailor the permissions of an Individual within a Group. Manalto doesn’t limit how you define control in your organization.  Controls enable greater agility and social media risk management.

Build multiple layers of hierarchy

Whatever the size or structure of your organization, Manalto’s scalability and built-in flexibility will ensure your solution set up is mirrored to the structure of your organization.   The hierarchical solution structure extends to user management with built in top-down visibility of all user activity.

Audit your users

Built in activity auditing tracking delivers the capability to view and monitor every update and post of your users.   Transparency of user activity encourages user accountability and deliver greater capacity to manage your brand and minimize user-initiated risks.