Our Story

We're not disruptive but we solve a massive problem - Anthony Owen

Manalto, Inc. has designed and created an enterprise social media management software solution. Manalto began as a software development project conceived by Anthony Owen, the current CEO of Manalto, in Australia in 2011.

Manalto (a name derived from “management” and “altocumulus”, a type of cloud) provides a cloud-based enterprise software system to address the existing and increasing challenge for organizations to manage a complex, large and fragmented social media presence.

Manalto’s software interacts with major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to provide a central infrastructure to efficiently manage and control multiple social media assets operated by multiple outlets (for example, franchisees or branch offices).

It allows an organization to exercise central control over how, where and by whom, its brand(s) and product(s) are represented through that business’ growing social media presence. The key features of the Manalto software are as follows:

- integrated management of an enterprise’s social media assets across multiple social media platforms with alignment to its corporate structure and frameworks;
- centralization of input controls to achieve consistency of brand and content across the enterprise’s social media presence;
- central user access control for management of the social media assets;
- organization of otherwise fragmented social media assets to facilitate execution of efficient and coordinated social media campaigns;
- obtaining a single view of the aggregated community and user activity across the enterprise’s social media assets from a single dashboard display; and
- scalability to cope with multiple and increasing social media assets and multiple outlets.