Using Manalto’s Enterprise solution, an organisation can centrally control and manage multiple pages and social accounts from a single control panel, allocate permissions to different community managers and broadcast updated Facebook tabs.  With Enterprise you can effectively manage and align risk management and brand management practices, through inbuilt controls and security measures.

Whatever the size or structure of your organization, managing social media at scale can be complex without the right management solution.

Manalto Social Media ERP is an enterprise-grade social media management solution allowing you to manage social media content with greater efficiency and alignment to your operations and to your core marketing activity.

Harness the power of local engagement at scale with a social media solution that mirrors the structure of your organization, and gives you the customization, user security, centralized control and brand management capabilities you need.

Using Manalto’s Enterprise Solution, an organization can

  • Create a Head Office-and-branch structure to capture and manage the multiple social accounts within your organizational network.
  • Assign users to customize local pages, access Head Office-shared media assets, and engage social media communities using the advanced post and comments functionality - from a centralized dashboard.
  • Schedule national campaigns across multiple social accounts – at the same time, without compromising local engagement.
  • Keep account of daily user and community usage with built-in audit and performance tracking and analytics, to help shape your data-driven marketing activities.

Manalto Custom Enterprise Solution

Delivering even greater customisation

Manalto offers a custom Enterprise Solution to give an organization ability to achieve even greater scale and to further tailor the features and functionality to support its social media strategy - and to deliver greater efficiencies between traditional and digital environments.

Customization may extend to:

  • transaction plugins such as shopping carts
  • internal messaging systems
  • high-end video applications
  • additional user controls for staff and external stakeholders
  • capability for live feeds from third party applications

If your business requires a tailored customized solution, email us at [email protected] or contact Anthony Owen on +1 310 266 8874 to discuss how Manalto can power up your social media needs.