The Importance of Visual Content on Social Media

Visual content in marketing and, specifically, social media is becoming a vital part of an engaging post or ad and helps to get those few valuable seconds with your target audience.

In order to have clickable content, the video or images needs to be compelling and draw attention to your message. According to communication experts, 93% of all communication is nonverbal. Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text; explaining why we are drawn into a social media post with images over words, and why we connect the dots much quicker when visuals are used to illustrate a point. If a post has no image or video, it is more likely to be scrolled through and not capture the audience’s attention.

Graphics can be original pictures or videos that you have created yourself, in-house, or images you have outsourced the creation of for your campaigns. Original pictures work best when trying to add a personal touch to your campaigns. Graphics and videos are key to increasing the Click Through Rate from your audience online. People remember only a fraction of the information that they receive verbally and tend to retain more information if accompanied by a related image.

When looking to add images to your post, consider adding multiple images to create a collage effect. According to Convince and Convert, Facebook posts with more than one image received 1290% more clicks than posts with only a single image! Multi-image collages are a great engagement builder and powerful way to increase your CTR on social media.

Selecting images for your articles, blog posts or social media posts should be done with careful consideration. A lot of thought goes into your contextual pieces, give the same amount of effort to the accompanying image as well. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or spend a lot of money for images. There are many free image and editing websites that you can explore for images.

All consumers are visual first. Before they jump into reading an article, they are drawn in through single images, multiple images or videos. Be sure to carefully select some graphics in order to catch your audience’s attention, before publishing your content!