5 Strategies to Define Your Franchise’s Brand “I didn’t know how” won’t fly anymore! If you want to tidy up branding across all your Zee’s, you need to zip them up tight, providing them with the tools they need to get things in order. It can be a leap of faith for Zee’s to branch

Snapchat to Snap.Inc? What do recent changes in millennial’s first choice social media platform mean for your franchise? Open app, click photo and share – Ta-da! You have just Snapped! Snapchat is a mobile photo app in which users can share photos, videos, and collages in an instant, and once they have been viewed, they

The tipping point of social media is how you utilize it to engage your customer and your market. Facebook and LinkedIn speak in different voices, to different audiences and both have their pros and cons that your franchise and franchisees need to be aware of. When choosing a platform, whether from an individual location or franchise

“Video is like pizza- when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good…” Your franchise’s social media approach aims to be diverse and to utilize multiple channels and formats (including text and video) to truly connect with the target audience. Today we’re going to reinforce why video is integral to your comprehensive and efficient strategy. So, why

Let’s face it; your utility content can be dry, sometimes stale, and perhaps overused. Sure, it’s great to have content provided by head office and in a pinch, it can prove to be crucial to keeping your staff and customers up to date. But with social media’s consistently evolving status quo coupled with our ever-growing

Time is always flying by, and we are almost halfway through 2017. As we watch the era of Baby Boomers fade into retirement, and the age of Millennials hit maximum impact, we are seeing some interesting trends materialize, especially as the workforce welcomes Generation Z.

  As the fastest growing medium in advertising history (yes, that includes print, broadcast and radio), programmatic is set to make up more than 50% of digital sales revenue worldwide by 2018.